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About LTA

The LA TRINIDAD ACADEMY (LTA) is a private non-sectarian school for basic education. The school was established June 1996. Starting school year 1997-1998, LA TRINIDAD ACADEMY is authorized by DECS to operate kindergarten (Recognition # 006, S-1996). Elementary (Recognition # 006, S-1996. For 1998-1999 it is authorized to offer complete secondary course. (Recognition 24, S-99). The school is also authorized by the Bureau of Immigration to accept non-immigrant foreign students effective November 4, 2003 (AAFS No. ADD03-199)

LA TRINIDAD ACADEMY is located inside a modern subdivision- Treelane III, Bayan Luma, Imus, Cavite. The school is away from the busy streets and free from noise and pollution. The place is serene, quiet and peaceful. There are trees, ornamental plants and greeneries around. LA TRINIDAD ACADEMY is therefore very ideal for study and for the growth and development of children. The place is very safe and secured. The subdivision is enclosed with perimeter fence. The gate is manned by security guards. And being a subdivision, there are no commercial establishments where students could have access liquor, cigarettes and even drugs. The school itself is enclosed with steel and concrete fence.

The basic philosophy of the school is to develop the child in all aspects of his personality – mentally, physically, morally and socially. While the main concern is the intellectual development of the child, other programs are in place to nurture the other phases of child and youth development. The thrust of the curriculum is in science and technology.These subjects define the needs of the modern technological world. Values are equally given emphasis and are developed more in practice than in theory. The objective is for the students to internalize desirable Filipino and Christian values through actual school practice. English is likewise given importance in the curriculum in keeping with the increasing role of English in the global village.

The LTA building is modern concrete structure. The plan is based on DECS requirements and standards set by the building code. There are thirty (30) standard rooms. Eight modern comfort rooms serve the needs of the students and faculty.

All rooms are airconditioned and provided with curtains. The tablet armchairs are made of wood to protect the health of the pupils and students.

LA TRINIDAD ACADEMY is envisioned as a school for the 21st century serving the CALABARZON industrial zone and supporting its fast-paced development by:

  1. providing advanced education program
  2. giving emphasis on Science, Math and English
  3. integrating democratic ideals and principles into its operations
  4. adopting the latest tools and materials of instruction
  5. infusing the curriculum with desirable Filipino and Christian values
  6. employing competent and inspired teachers and
  7. creating a school ambiance that is quiet, serene and environment friendly